Sunday, December 11, 2011

This one's for the Lovers: DIY Painting Kit

Introducing...the Love is Art DIY Painting kit

And just in time for the Holidays! Even if you aren't the creative type, this interactive, messy, bold yet intimate idea will leave you and your beau or gal with a lasting impression.   


Artist and creator Jeremy Brown designed this idea to keep the lovers out there desirable and passionate for one another by doing something out the box and new to keep the flame afire if you will. Influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol and French Artist of the 60's Yves Klein, Brown has taken the idea of abstract expression and placed it on a modern pedestal for the people at home to DIY.

But I digress....

The rules to this trade is very simple
  • on canvas (provided in the kit) you and you lover just pour out the paint (also provided in black or blur) spread it around and then the two of you just tussle and love away in the paint until a one-of a kind creation is born.
  • after your done you have the option to take the canvas to an art store to have it placed on a frame.
What a more magical, memorable, lasting idea to do with 
you and your mate and at a great price!
$60 in Black or $89 in Blue- Which is your poison aye?
check it out for yourselves

I think this might be on my Christmas list for my beau friend and I!

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