Monday, November 14, 2011

Lusting at the Locks

Cute Style. Big hair. Beautiful. Sassy Chic.
But do you dare to get the look? 

  Her style is a class all its own! Definitely takes it back to the Big HAIR don't care attitude. Walking down any street with hair like this will surely catch someone's love lust eye. An unruly but tamed look can be conquered by just a few steps.....

  1. Numero Uno necessity for LUSH Locks is Moisture. A simple mist of H20 or your fave leave-in/ water and/or Oil mix would be just the fix you need to keep the locs happy.
  2. My personal technique to achieve the big hair would absolutely be braid outs! Once your hair is moisturized, apply your favorite styling/setting cream (currently my go to product is Shea Moisture's Curl and Style Milk ). I would do medium size plaits throughout my hair. 
  3. If doing this style at night, after you are done braiding, wrap your hair in a silk bonnet or scarf and get some much needed beauty rest.
  4. In the morning, taking down the plaits with the help of a great oil like coconut or even olive oil to keep the frizziness at bay. But once you fluff your stuff, maybe even use a hair pick to thicken it out, you have then achieved the look. Style as desired.
If you have tried this style, shoot me a pic of your locs! I would love to lust over them.

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