Monday, January 2, 2012

What's For Lunch?

Happy New Year!!
wishing all of you the best year that has yet to come.
Now What's for Lunch?

For the new year my Beaux friend and I have decided (well we decided a long time ago but never stuck to it)to eat better and exercise together consistently throughout the new year. Compared to what we are used to eating, today's meal was more like baby steps!

Instead of a full meal considerng the meat, vegetable, and side I condensed it into the easiest, fastest, relatively healthier meal that can also last a couple of days (for those of you that need to take something to work the next day like me). PASTA!!

The pasta that was fixed today was prepared with Sun dried tomato Alfredo sauce, penne pasta and topped with baked breaded shrimp.  It was delish surprisingly because it was something that I really just threw together hoping that it would taste ok and it was a hit!

Now for dessert, instead of my usual freshly baked cookies with ice cream, I brought out my new Coca Latte Machine (Kroger $12) and made some Caramel Hot cocoa with marshmallows and whip cream.
I know I I said BABY STEPS!!

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  1. Awww this is cute! I'm going to be eating healthier too...maybe I'll post some of my meals...